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AP Human Geography students flock yards with flamingos to raise money for Costa Rica trip

AP Human Geography students flock yards with flamingos to raise money for Costa Rica trip

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In an effort to raise money for their trip to Costa Rico during Spring Break, Mr. David Williams' AP Human Geography students are flocking yards with pink flamingos. When students flock a yard, those living in the house can pay to have them moved to another yard. (Esther Padgett photo)

Instead of the normal door to door magazine sells or cookie dough  fundraisers, Mr. David Williams AP Human Geography students are engaging in flocking to raise money for their Costa Rica trip scheduled for Spring Break.

“I love flocking, because you get to be sneaky, and it’s so much fun,” Colleen Hunt said.

Every night the two teams go out and move a flock of flamingos into yards of residents in Duncanville and surrounding communities. The residents then donate to the club and pay them to move the flock to someone else’s house that they know. Not only is flocking a fund raiser but a way for students to become closer friends.

“This fundraiser will be good for getting to know the strangers that you’ll be spending your spring break with,”  Williams said.

Some of those who received flamingos in their yard include high school librarian Jen Tahaney. She says it was quite an experience finding the birds in her yard..

“When we saw them we started laughing because they were really cute,” Mrs. Tahaney said.

Mrs. Tahaney also says this is a unique endeavor for a club to participate in.

“I think flocking is a very fun and creative way to raise money for a trip,” Mrs. Tahaney said.

Some of those being flocked want the flamingos removed as soon as possible while others like the small yard ornaments.

“I wish I could keep one of the flamingos, I liked them,” said senior Matt Rizo said after being flocked. “I want them to come flock me again.”

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